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Rigid Art (Stick-ups)

Rigid art is the easiest way to decorate your church. Turn any boring wall into a beautiful gallery. These art prints come in a variety of sizes to fit any space from a small classroom to a large lobby. There are single Rigid Art designs for small walls or large coordinated sets to fill a larger wall or create a more dramatic look. It is super easy to order these rigid art boards. Just choose the designs you like and pick how many prints you want.

Rigid Art is a new, high quality, very stiff and rigid, paper-based board, producing a thinner 3mm final product. Bulldog boards are produced with unique moisture control, coated on both sides for high-quality printing, ensuring outstanding flatness and resists curling. These indoor signs can be used for hanging signs, hallway signs, table toppers, check-in displays, restroom signs, room signage, and many other possibilities. Rigid Art is an eco-friendly alternative to PVC, styrene, foam boards (foam core/gatorboard) and corrugated plastic (coroplast).

The 23” x 23” size is our smallest and most economical size - it’s perfect for hallways, offices or classrooms.

This classic rigid art board size fits nearly any wall in any church. Pair it with other art designs to create a gallery or use it in areas that need an inspirational, artistic addition.

Update the walls of your church or worship center with a set of rigid art boards that are designed to go together to inspire your church congregation. A set of three panels will cover a 6 foot long wall - so be sure to measure your space!