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Indoor Banners & Signs

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Discover Light of World
Discover Light of World
2' x 6' Banner
$39.50 ($99.00)
Discover Light of World
Discover Light of World
2' x 6' Banner
$99.00 ($149.00)
God With Us Advent
God With Us Advent
2' x 6' Banner
$39.50 ($99.00)
God With Us Advent
God With Us Advent
2' x 6' Banner
$99.00 ($149.00)
Peace Clouds
Peace Clouds
2' x 6' Banner
$39.50 ($99.00)
Peace Clouds
Peace Clouds
2' x 6' Banner
$99.00   On Sale

Items 1 - 6 of 6

Indoor Church Banners

Indoor Banners & Signs

In our ever-evolving digital age, physical spaces still hold profound power. Standup banners aren't just decor; they're essential tools that enhance worship experiences. With custom banners, you can showcase what makes your church unique. Custom banners can truly resonate with your community, all with precision banner printing that ensures lasting impact. We've got indoor banners that not only welcome and guide but also set the tone from the get-go. Plus, our range extends to every need: think vinyl banners, roll up retractable banners, fabric tension sleeve banners, jumbo backdrop banners, table covers, window cling banners, and more. Don't settle for generic; let's create or print a custom indoor church banner, uniquely tailored for your congregation. Because in today's world, even the smallest details matter in crafting a memorable and meaningful church experience.


Church banners create awareness about your church in your community, and help create an inviting atmosphere when people visit your church. Choose from thousands of church banner designs, customize designs online, or order custom banners with your church's information. Be sure to check out our newest feather flag bannerss, hand held church signs, roll up retractable banners and many other types of church banners.

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Standard Banner Sizes Include:

  • 2' x 6' – Vinyl or Stickup Adhesive
  • 2' x 6' – Sleeve Fabric
  • 2' x 8' – Vinyl, Fabric or Stickup Adhesive
  • 2'7" x 6'7" – Vinyl or Stickup Adhesive
  • 2'7" x 6'7" – Sleeve Fabric
  • 3' x 3' – Vinyl or Stickup Adhesive
  • 3' x 5' – Vinyl, Fabric or Stickup Adhesive
  • 4' x 6'7" – Vinyl

File Formats

Accepted formats include:

  • Press Quality PDF
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher
    • Option 1: Layered Photoshop file (PSD). Convert fonts to shapes.
    • Option 2: Flattened Photoshop file. Save as a Press Quality PDF or JPEG with a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch). Note: Begin designing with image file set to 300 dpi. Do NOT increase dpi (dots per inch) after completion.
  • Adobe Illustrator CS3 or higher Save as Press Quality PDF. Convert fonts to outlines. Linked files must be embedded.

File Size

We have various standard banner sizes. Church Banners are designed at 25% of actual size. See Banner Size Chart below

Bleeds: Bleeds are intended to allow space for cutting and finishing. Refer to Banner Size Chart for specific banner sizes and bleed requirements.

Safety Zone: All critical elements (text, logos, etc.) must remain at least 0.75" from trim edge. Shifting can occur during trimming and items within this 0.75" area may be trimmed or covered.

Logo & Image Quality

Quality requirements:

  • 300 dpi (dots per inch)
  • CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
  • Minimum of 10" in one direction

Images taken directly from the web are NOT acceptable.

Logos are accepted in the following formats:


  • AI
  • EPS
  • PDF (Illustrator)


  • TIFF (transparent)
  • PSD
  • PDF

Note: Increasing the dpi of a small file will not increase the image quality (Example: 72 dpi increased to 300 dpi will still make the image appear pixilated).


All artwork must be provided in CMYK (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black) color mode.

For large areas of black coverage use "Rich Black." The accepted rich black break down is: C=70, M=70, Y=70, B=100

Outreach does NOT guarantee exact color matches.


All fonts must be converted to Outlines, Shapes or Rasterized before artwork is submitted


Indoor Vinyl or Fabric Church Banners can be finished with grommets or pole pockets. Banners printed on Stickup Adhesive have no finishing. Banner prined on Sleeve Fabric are sewn like a pillow case so they slip over the stand. The following church banners are finished using the standard format shown below unless otherwise specified on the order:

  • 2'7" x 6'7" RollUp Retractable Banner – No finishing for rollup stand
  • 4' x 6'7" RollUp Retractable Banner – No finishing for rollup stand

Upload Materials

Uploading to the Outreach FTP Server:
To access the FTP server from your Mac or PC you must use an FTP client (program).

Note: Fetch is recommended for Mac users. There are a variety of Windows FTP clients, one of the top rated is SmartFTP.

Be sure that "Passive Mode" is disabled (unchecked) in your FTP client, then enter...

Host: User ID: outreachftp Password: Romans837 (case sensitive)

Place artwork into the "Custom Artwork" folder.

Alternative Upload:
You can use as an alternate upload option to easily send large files. Create a free account with Follow the upload instructions and a link to your artwork will be sent to an Outreach Specialist's email. NOTE: Please do not select the "identity verfication" feature- it prevents us from forwarding your document to the designer.

Church Banner Size Chart

Create banners to the standard template sizes below. Note: Template dimensions are calculated at 1/4 of the finished banner size - determined in inches.

All banners are: CMYK color and the resolution is 300 dpi. When created in Photoshop, rasterize fonts, save as a .tif. When created in Illustrator, convert fonts to outlines, save as an Illustrator .ai file.

Click here to see art specs for indoor church banners

Indoor Banner Size Chart